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Welcome to the Tea Plant Information Archive (TPIA)

Tea is among the world's three most popular non‐alcoholic beverage with important economic, health and cultural values. It comprises plentiful characteristic metabolites such astea polyphenol, caffeine, theanine, vitamins, and minerals that are beneficial to human health. TPIA focus on integrating multi‐omics data of tea plant and establishing their inner network to assist the tea community for better genetic resources exploration. The current release of TPIA employs the first comprehensively annotated tea plant genome (Camellia sinensis) as framework, and incorporates with abundant well‐organized transcriptomes (from tea plant and 21 Camellia species), diverse gene expression patterns (across species, tissue, stress, and hormone treatment), extensive tea quality related metabolites, massive manually curated functional genes and globally collected germplasm information from China and other major tea producing countries.

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